Pre.K.G         -       2 1/2 years as on 31st May in the year of application

L.K.G            -       3 1/2 years as on 31st May in the year of application

U.K.G            -      4 1/2 years as on 31st May in the year of application

 Admission to D.A.V Public school is through an "Entrance Test" , even for students from other D.A.V public schools.

 Admission depends on availability of a vacancy in that class and also the option of II language and III language sought.

 Entrance Test will be conducted on the dates notified by  principal.

  31st July is the last date for new admission into the school except when the student is on transfer from another D.A.V Public school. Admission will be granted based on the student's performance in the entrance test, submission of T.C endorsed by the competent  authority of the previous school along with the progress report of the recent test / examination passed. The admission will be purely based on merit and other eligibility criteria.

The admission test shall be held in the following subjects

A. Classes I to V                    -        English, II-Language and Mathematics

B. Classes VI to IX                -        English ,II-Language ,Mathematics and III Language

C. Class XI

    Science Group                    -        English, Science and Mathematics

    Commerce Group               -        English and Mathematics

D. Admissions to class X / XII is not given to students from other schools, except to the students from other D.A.V Public School, under  special  circumstances. Attestation of the documents required by the school office should be done by the principal of the previous D.A.V Public School.

Eligibility to Admission to Standard XI:

A student seeking admission to class XI will be eligible for admission only if he / she:

a) has been studying in a school recognized by or affiliated to the C.B.S.E board or any other recognized board of Secondary  education in India

b) has passed qualifying or equivalent examination making her / him eligible for admission to that class. Qualifying examination means an examination - passing of which makes a student eligible for admission to a particular class; and 'equivalent examination' means an examination conducted by any  recognized board of secondary examination.

Academic Courses Offered:

a) Core subject: English, Compulsory for all.

b) The following elective groups are offered and the applicant should indicate clearly his/her choice.

Group-I      -  English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Group-II     -  English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science

Group III    -  English, Accountancy, Business Studies , Economics, and Mathematics.

Group IV    -  English, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics and Computer Science.